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It’s All Gravy



Takes a while to get here.

It doesn’t happen overnight.

The journey is different for us all.

You’ll know it when it happens.

It’s a feeling. an understanding. an insight.

There is appreciation. There is awareness. There is knowledge.

It washes over you, you well up with compassion, empathy, humility.

Age brings it on, youthfulness must be patient in its expectation.

One day you’ll wake up and look at your life.

It’s been a good life. you’ve accomplished many things. maybe travelled, perhaps achieved, discovered.

It has been a grand journey.

In it, you found talents, mastered, performed, practiced and polished.

You feel contentment, pleasure and happiness.

If your lucky? peace, tranquility, and comfort flow through you now.

You’ll see others experiences vary from your own. the path is different, everyone’s qualifications are acceptable. there is no right or wrong. it’s beautiful.

Everyone arrives in their own time, at their own pace.

Witnessing it unfold Educates you. Enlightens you, Delights you.

In my mind’s eye I saw this all unfold recently.

Cashier: “Did you find everything you were looking for?”

Me: (unloading full cart.) “First of all, I wasn’t looking for any of this.”

Yet it happened, and for that? I’m so eternally grateful. thankful, appreciative.

Life, Love, Enthusiasm comes at the speed of light. or is it the speed of sound?

I have a friend, born with a tremendous artistic gift. he raised a family, inherited his family’s business, I’m not sure his heart was ever in running the company? He possesses the soul of an artist. In time the company closed.

He Endeavored to Persevere.

Along with his bride, they raised six children. every one of them a success or are on their way to it. lately in speaking with him I see and hear the immense pride he has in putting them in the right place to succeed.

What more can a human being ask for? he did right by his family, sacrificed much to get them in a position to succeed. he worked so incredibly hard. and now for him? he has the good fortune to look at the fruits of his labor of love, savoring all of it.

Finding a peace that I earlier, either didn’t see, or missed as we grew up. He has more work to do. he knows this, better than anyone. and yet? no one can ever take away what he’s created. what he’s shaped, what he’s produced. What a great life he’s lived. I look in his eyes these days and see it. I hear it when he tells me stories of his family and how they’re doing. the pride and the joy is a wonder to me. an inspiration. I’m so incredibly proud of him.

As I stated earlier, the journey is different for us all.

Everyone’s qualifications are acceptable.

Enjoy your ride.

Whatever it may be.

It’s a Beautiful Thing.

Written by rthogan


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